Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day

12:24 am Dec. 26th - Christmas is over, the kids are finally all off to bed. The gifts I bought so very thoughtfully were hits, eyes sparkled, wrapping paper flew, there were smiles all around.

Then we were off to my mother's for Christmas dinner. We are an odd family in that the whole family doesn't get together, ever - usually it's just us + Mom. This year it was us (minus Tom and Kory, though they both did at least call...) plus Mom, Maureen, Alice (Mom and Maureen's new roomate) plus my sister Noelle and her kids. That was ... well... it's been years since I saw Noelle, despite the fact that she and I live within 20 miles of one another.

Food was great, we all laughed a lot. We exchanged gifts, then sat around BSing for several hours. Overall, an excellent day, and though I am bone tired, I am feeling oddly warm -fulfilled even- and content.

That's morethan a lot of Christmases of the past have left me with, so I'm deeming it a huge success.

There are pictures. But, I'm too tired to even find the camera, so there.

Hope everyone's holiday was beautiful, and that you find yourself, tonight, reflecting on the day with residual smiles.


  1. It does sound healing.

    And I guess I can wait for those pictures.

    BTW, thanks for commenting on the unlucky 4-leaf-clover post over at 100 Words A Day! I have just added an update on that effing clover on my humble site with a CONTEST!!