Tuesday, December 16, 2008

i did it

I got lost. In LAX. Twice.

I was there an hour before I managed to find the right place to catch my flight. I knew it was gonna happen. (which is probably exactly why it did happen.) That place is the biggest damn thing I've ever seen. Thank goodness they have color coded signs where the appropriate busses and shuttles stop to take you where you need to be. Too bad they told me I needed to be waiting under an orange sign, when I actully needed to be under the blue sign...

LA was chilly, all weekend. Actually, it was warmer when I got home than it was while I was in LA.

I had fun, I got a lot of work done, I bought some too-expensive silly shit. I saw the Hollywood sign. And Sunset Strip. And Venice Beach. And Santa Monica Boulevard. And the Hollywood Hotel. And the Playboy Mansion. And many old studios and recording studios, and cool clubs, and Fredrick's of Hollywood IN Hollywood. Cami's place is just a block off Sunset, and it's full of the artistic (especially musical) people. And the air vibrates with a certain electricity. I don't know how she ever relaxes or finds solitude - LA is too energized for me to stay long term. But man oh man what a great place to visit! Every time I went out on her balcony I got all jazzed up and smiley. The air just vibrates around you.

But I am incredibly addicted to my family. I thought I'd be OK without being homesick or missing them so much. I missed them SO MUCH. Them, and grits. So we hit Waffle House on the way home for grits.

Everything (and I do mean every thing) in LA was completely different than here. I think if I'd have been there as a teen, I totally could have loved it and called it home. Of course, I'd be a different person now - prolly wouldn't like myself nearly as much as I do now - but yeah. Anyway. The whole place swings on a pendulum between 2 opposite ends of the spectrum.

From rabid privacy, and obtrusive flamboyancy.
Everyone in their flashy cars and $1000 shoes and wild hair and polished "i'm cool" looks, living behind rows and rows of 8 foot tall boxwoods and locked gates.

From unbelievable levels of wealth, BMWs and Mercedes, with a shoeless homeleless man sleeping on the cardboard box next to those very bling-y chrome wheels.

I saw almost no fall foliage, and no bare trees... just palms, everywhere, and greenery, and these bushes, more palm-type plants, with amazing flame-orange flowers... and yoga studios. And coffee shops.

Frankly, it was like going to a different country, and suffering from culture shock. I loved every minute I was there, it was a cool experience, and I'd love to visit again. But I could never live there. I am not rich (or poor) enough. Too old, not cool enough. Not ambitious enough to strive for the "acceptable" level of wealth that qualifies you as cool enough. I am not hip, or artistic enough. But BOY was I a grinnin' ass, camera totin', redneck fool of a tourist who soaked as much of it up as I possible could.

Maybe I'll get back this summer! I sure hope so :)

And Cami and Mark... what incredible hosts. I felt so welcome and comfortable in their home. And that's saying a lot - I'm sort of awkward around people, especially those I've never met in person before - especially in their house, without my constant companion who I have never been away from voluntarily. I miss them already.

But I'm still glad to be home. And away from LAX. Man what a place.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the chick in LAX. Total hard core butch. Latina. With a shaved head and a baseball cap. Dressed like some sort of gang member, not that I can say she actually was one. But you get the picture - bad ass bitch, a little masculine. With the most amazing eyes I've ever had the pleasure of looking into. She was beautiful. She was in line behind me at Starbucks in LAX, and I had to force myself not to make a damn fool of myself by turning around and telling her I thought she was gorgeous. But god she was gorgeous. Crazy, because other than that Latina thing, she was as far from 'my type' as I can imagine. But damn she was beautiful. I'll be thinking about her for a good while. Cuz, wow.


  1. What an interesting, fun post! I lived in So. California for half my life, and it was fun to look over the city with you from the balcony. LAX is a real bad place to get lost in...like somebody famous said of Grand Canyon: It's a helluva place to lose a cow. Anyway. Glad you had a good time, glad you found GRITS. (What ARE grits?)

  2. Oh, come on! I'm sure if you tried, you could find some grits in LA -- for like $19.95 a serving :-)

    Glad you made it home in one piece. Hope you don't disappear on us into some aol chatroom called "LALatinaButch4CreamySkinnedNCPoetess." Well, you could disappear for a few hours, but forever would break my heart.

  3. LOL. Glad you had a good time. Airports are tricky, especially the big ones, and especially if you're not used to flying. I think the worst airport I've been in was the Newark New Jersey one. Absolutely no signs pointing you in the right direction, you just get on a shuttle and hope it's taking you the right way. :P