Sunday, December 7, 2008

I am SOOOO...

excited about my trip to California, and yet, SOOOO stressed out by the traveling experience! Rules, regulations, security protocols, required identification lists, prohibited items lists, caarry-on measurments, sheesh! I'm a simple southern girl, this will be the first time I've ever gone anywhere farther then the store alone. I'm a bundle of nerves and confusion! Thank goodness all the rules and shit are on the US Airways website, but seriously, I was in a frenzy looking for a tape measure to check my suitcase dimensions!

AND... lol, my state ID is a wee bit out of date so I'll have to get another one by Thursday. I don't drive, so my ID card isn't something I bother to keep up to date, I mean... it's not like I get carded for cigarettes anymore *rolls eyes* So yeah that's another bunch a rigamarole with lists of accepted ID and shit.

I sure wish this was simpler.

And yes, this is me, whining, about a free trip across the country to spend 4 days doing something I love with someone I adore, in a new place, which includes warm weather and the Pacific Ocean. Shame on me.

Know what my crazy ass hopes? That maybe they could have just a little bitty eaqrthquake while I'm there. I've always wondered what they felt like...


  1. Good luck. I haven't been able to fly since all you had to do was make sure your luggage didn't weigh too much and you weren't carrying a gun. You'll enjoy when you get there.

    and noooooo you don't want an earthquake!!

    my verification word is oxiness like stubbon silliness?:-)

  2. You'll be fine, once all the items on all your lists have all their check-marks next to them :-)

    Safe travels, enjoy, and, yeah, I could see maybe how a tiny earthquake would be interesting. Keyword: tiny!

  3. Wow, life past teh store.

    GOOD FOR YOU! have a blast. ANd dont worry about that funny rumbling sound a few minutes after you're up off the ground, it's just the taxiing wheels retracting.

    p.s. I jsut saw my cat running off with my mastercard, not sure what that hell that was all about.