Friday, December 12, 2008

made it :)

made it safe and sound from Charlotte to LAX in one piece. There was LOTS of turbulence flying out of Charlotte - for about the first hour. I left my house thinking the flying was gonna be the easy part, but we had really crappy weather in NC so it made for shitty flying. Once we got past Nashville though, it leveled out.

Once we passed out of the nastiness, the view, thanks to a full moon, was incredible. There's something magical about seeing the curve of the horizon in the distance = especially when there's some unknown city all lit up right there along the edge between eath and infinity.

I'm a cheeseball, but after an hour of trying not to puke ot hyperventilate, it was almost a spiritual experience.

Anyway. We've done some work, we went for a walk down the sunset strip (Sunset is a block from Cami's house) and we had Spinach Ravioli with creamy tomato sauce (at 1am)at some very hip little cafe, where I felt very hickish, and underdressed.

She says we're going to the beach to do our editing tomorrow. And promises that we'll go to Rodeo Drive to make fun of people who spend $800 on shades. She wants to show me around, let me do the tourist thing and says she has to show me "the ridiculousness that exists here."

I think I might have to remind her to take it easy. I might even have to be mean and push the "work" issue ;)

Anyway, it's 2:30 where I am, but 5:30 where my body thinks it is, and I'm pretty pooped. I've been up almost 24 hours, and flown across the country for the first time ever... now it is time for a little bit of sleep.


  1. You made it!!!

    And you're fine.

    The world is our party, Erin, and everyone in it is our guest. As host of the party, it is our duty to dress 1) comfortably and 2) in a manner that makes our guests feel like a million bucks, because when our guests feel good, we feel good. I am always, always underdressed. It is a responsibility that I take very seriously.

    Now, work your butt off, and have some fun!

  2. How cool that you're updating us!

    I paid $15 for sunglasses at Walgreen's yesterday and felt a little guilty for spending that much but now I sure don't !