Sunday, February 15, 2009

Win a $250 Target Giftcard!? For talking about MYSELF!?!?

Over at Barking Mad there is an astounding giveaway contest going on. You could win (or, just maybe, *I* could win) a $250 Target gift card, for talking about my favorite blog posts. Incredible. A prize for bragging on my own stuff!?

But I have several years worth of posts, so this is more work than I'd anticipated... Hmmm...

Do I link to poetry? I dunno, considering how little I write anymore, but I really do like this poem... It's one of my favorites, oddly. Mostly because it was written about Nova before he died.

Do I link to Nova's story? I mean that's a lot of blog posts to sort through, and how many "favorite posts" can come from the experience of having a child with a life threatening heart defect that eventually took him from us? Well... there was the post I made about Christmas that year. I mean, THAT was a great Christmas present, and made for my favorite-ever Christmas card design.

But I'm thinking I should probably talk about more recent events - I mean, both those posts were from 2005/2006. So how about my amazement that I'd made it from Charlotte to LAX -my first plane ride since I was 3- all by myself!? Or, should I link to the post about how I got lost in LAX on my way home?

But then, that skips a lot of time now doesn't it. A 3 year jump, with no explanation of the time in between. Why would I consider that one ofmy favorite posts? Because that's about the time I came back to Blogger, which I missed, a lot :)

Then of course, there's all my FAVORITE charity linky posts - but really do I want to have to choose which of those to link to? Nah. I'll just finish off with my latest poem :)

And then I'll say, again - go read Barking Mad, cuz it's a cool blog, and would be even if she wasn't giving away a $250 Target Gift Card!

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