Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Team Nova 2009

So last year I was fairly pissed off at the way the AHA handled the Charlotte Metro Heart Walk. I'm still a little pissed actually, but the truth is, The AHA is the only organization that donates any real money towards CHD research, and so, the AHA continues to be the organization of choice for me and the fam. It is something we will likely support until I die. As a matter of fact, when I do die, please refrain from sending flowers, just make a donation to the AHA instead, deal? Cool.

Anyway, it's that time again, the new event has opened up, and tonight I set up our Team page as well as my personal page. The fundraising widget will remain in my side bar until November 19th, when we join roughly 10,000 other Charlotte area citizens in the yearly "finale" of the year long fundraiser.

Click Here to DonateI am sincerely hoping that the AHA handles things differently this year, they really hurt my feelings last year, and I let it "get to me" that Team Nova is no longer viewed as an effective marketing tool for their fundraising, as we once were. Silly me, got all offended, because we aren't the center of the AHA universe now that some time has passed. Yes, it is silly. Don't make excuses for me. It was stupid. Anyway... Donations welcome, so are your efforts in forwarding this link to anyone who might donate, and just as welcome are the pats on the back and moral support, particularly on those days when no one has donated in weeks :)

Please forgive me now if I get obnoxious with the posts LOL. And here's a direct link to my personal fundraising page. I'm aiming for $5000.
Erin's Fundraising Page for Team Nova 2009

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