Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Nature strikes again

I haven't been here much lately huh? heh.

Well, I gotta tell ya, I have no excuse at all, other than just not being motivated. Tonight I'm only motivated because I'm astounded at the weird weather in NC this year. Our last snow, before this winter, was February 04. Seriously, we went nearly 5 years without getting a snowfall worth mentioning. So far this year, we've gotten 2!

Now you northerners don't go yelling at me, I'm fully aware that for other places, 2 1/2 inches isn't actually worth mentioning LOL. But seriously, it's snowing like crazy out there right now, and I'm fairly certain that school will be out again tomorrow (it was cancelled on inauguration day for the aforementioned 2 1/2 inches...)

I have pictures, but I can't find any of the 3 download cords *rolls eyes*

So, let's see, what else is there worth mentioning? Oh... my husband's new site was in one of the local papers this week. Sadly, their site is screwed up, and I can't link to it - it's just a little blurb anyway, nothing really to write home about.

We finally got all the legal/financial junk straightened out with our car. Long story, but basically, we couldn't drive the car for like, shit, 2 or 3 months? A GOOOOOD friend of ours lent us their spare. All fixed now, we're finally legal again. What a relief.

Ummmm.... It's February - February 14th is congenital heart defect awareness day.
I got a carpet shamppoer. I'm fucking THRILLED with that aquisition. Seriously, no sarcasm, I LOVE my carpet shampooer!

Yeah. I'm sleepy. Night night.

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