Friday, March 6, 2009

Ethel's Tree of Life

I have a Facebook account, and on Facebook, you can find causes - charitable causes, for things like breast cancer and such, but also for smaller "grassroots" causes, startups created by someone, somewhere, who cares personally about a particular cause. That's how I found Ethel's Tree of Life.

Ethel's Tree of Life aims to provide transitional training in life and work skills for youth and young adults who live with disabilities and/or special needs.

A friend of mine "invited" me to this cause, and I joined without a second thought. And now I've pledged to raise $250 in the next month.

I'm doing this for Christine, my sister-in-law (Down's Syndrome), and Shelby, my best friend's daughter (Cerebral Palsy), and my little buddy Jacob (Aspergers), and Heather's son Keith (Autism), and Maddie (Autism) and Lisa's daughter (Dwarfism) and Steffany's son (Autism) and all the other kids and adults I know who have special needs and who deserve to have the most "normal" life they can get!

Not to mention for the two children I've lost to Congenital Heart Defects, who -had they lived- would have had both physical and developmental delays.

So, I pledged to raise $250. I donated $25. If I have to donate the other $225, I will, but I'd really appreciate it if some of you would get involved and donate too.

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  1. I will donate for sure but will have to wait 2 weeks as I am stretched a bit thinner than usual with guitar lessons.


    And what a wonderful thing to do, Erin!

  2. Thank you for the sentiment, but we found out in February 2007 that Jack isn't Autistic. He had a speech disorder which made it difficult for him to process verbal language for awhile, but he's almost caught up in social and verbal skills now, and is doing fantastic in second grade.

    We share your belief that all people deserve to be accepted for who they are. Especially children.

    The only ones among us who are delayed are the ones who lack the ability of acceptance. That's what I believe, anyway.

    So I wish your pledge drive every bit of success.

    And now I've gotta get Team All Heart up and running! September will be here before we know it.

  3. Oh crap Ang! I'm sorry! I guess I missed that when I disappeared for that year *blush* Now I'm embarrassed!

  4. You just never stop doin' good, do you!?!? And reaching out so far and wide, when so many of us have made the difficult choice to keep our resources a little closer to our own communities. Michigan, as I'm sure you know, is hurtin' for certain.

    I wish you all kinds of success with all of your fund-raising efforts, Erin.

  5. No worries, Erin. You had a lot going on. :)

  6. ~waves~

    Just dropped in to say hello :-)

  7. Did I ever mention I love the pink against the black here?