Monday, March 9, 2009

things that bug me

1. finding a new blog that I really think I'm gonna love, only to be repeatedly stupified by hints at incredibly intriguing past events that I know nothing about, and can not find any explanation for or past accounts of. If you haven't been reading from the beginning of blog-time, then you may as well give up on ever understanding a certain percentage of posts. PLEASE people, if there's some major occurrence in your past that you are going to refer to in future/ongoing blog posts - fill a newcomer in some kinda way!

2. Choosing a grocery store based on the sales and specials, only to find that they only had 4 cans of whatever it was that was on special, and that they will remain out of stock for the next 3 weeks. I admit it, I'm lazy, once I'm IN the store, it's unlikely that I'll stop, mid-shopping and leave to go to a less expensive store. Yes, I know that's the whole point but the marketing genius behind is a real bastard.

3. People who do 55 or more through a neighborhood where the posted speed limit is 20mph while talking on a cell phone - particularly people who perform the aforementioned stunt and then act like it's the other person's fault when there's an incident.

4. Crazy exes. Not just mine, actually, my kids' exes bug me way worse than my own ever did. What is UP with teenagers these days!? My gawd.

5. When peopleinterrupt me, then rudely talk, louder and louder, thereby not allowing me to finish my sentence. Especially in cases where we are NOT debating (ie: you don't have to talk over me to make your point asshole).


  1. 6) Those jerks who weave in and out of traffic and pass me at five or ten over the speed limit in slippery wet weather, and end up right next to me at the next stoplight despite their lack of consideration and safety. Asswipes, every single one of 'em. Also, because of these asswipes, I need to refill my wiper fluid reservoir now. Gr.

  2. Ohh! That #2 is the one that pisses me off more than anything! How about the ones that list their specials and have a copy of their circular on the internet so that you look up said specials, make your grocery list accordingly, only to get to the store and find that the specials are completely different (and not so much a bargain) as the online circular. Then when you complain to management of said store, they point to a tiny little asterisk at the bottom of the page that says that individual stores current specials may differ from the online ads, and that the store's specials will be the effective ones! *grumble* Can you tell I got burned today?