Friday, March 13, 2009

feeling better today

sort of... at least on some fronts. Others, not so much. lol.

Bleh. I just need to find some balance. Taking today off helped a little. Now here it is 2am. I should have gone to be early. I know sleep helps, but, lol, I'm currently drinking a friggin mocha latte.

I'm a glutton for punishment I reckon.


  1. I love coffee too.

    But sleep is a real requirement. I know firsthand from thinking I could shortchange myself on it. If there is some way you can adjust your schedule to get regular adequate sleep, I really hope you can and will make it a priority.

    It will help all else rise and shine in you rlife..

  2. Erin! Guess what, I have me on video singing my ukulele song as my post today!!!!

    Yay, I did it. I hope you will come and watch.

    And I hope you are well and getting some sleep.


  3. How ya doing on that balance finding?