Sunday, July 1, 2007

r blog

Rosie O has a blog. I love her, and her blog, and her poetry, and her photos...

You can ask Rosie questions, and she comes through and answers selected ones. She gets so many in a day she can't answer them all. I asked her a question today. I've asked it before. I asked for her support in the Heart Walk. Who knows if she has even read mine. Seriously, the volume is staggering.

at 12:09, I asked Rosie question #1304:
even if you don't donate, please post this, so others can?

She's big on children's charities. But the AHA isn't really a children's charity now is it. I hope she posts it, or that I get some sort of response. I doubt I will.


  1. but there's never any harm in asking, right?

  2. I love Rosie, too -- ever since I saw her in that scene from that movie with Dana Delaney, where Dana played a dominatrix -- what the hell movie was that?

    Anyway. I love Rosie. And you just never know -- she might chime in on behalf of AHA with the kids in mind. You've got a Midwest contingent now, too! And I may seem to have forgotten, but rest assured, I have done no such thing.

    I also have an embarrassing story for you, to be told soon...

  3. Exactly Ang... I figure that worst that can happen is nothing ;)

    And I can't wait for the embarrassing story, they're my favorite kind!