Tuesday, July 17, 2007

1st day of class

The instructor was late. Ha! He's a funny one I tell ya. Not so great at explaining concepts, but hey, we weren't bored!

A girl I went to HS with is in my class - she's not getting her GED, she's what they call Pre-D... no idea, don't ask.

So anyway, class. He let us each decide which subject we wanted to start with. He suggested we start with the ones we are best in, to get the out of the way. Did I listen? Of course not - had to start with math.  So I took the (yet another) mathematics pretest, and BOMBED - I am telling you, the other one was graded wrong, seriously. But, you know what? I brought home the book and I've been studying all night, well, since I got home at 9 anyway.

The book explains a concept, gives you several examples, shows the work and the right answer etc... Then there's a practice exercise. You answer the Q's then check the answers in the back. I'm really getting it, because the answer key explains WHY the answer is what it is. 

Hell, I even did square roots for the first time ever tonight lol. And it doesn't suck too bad.

So I'll study and practice some more tomorrow and Thursday and then go back to class on Thursday night and try another pretest. I actually think I could do a LOT better already. With a couple more days I'm sure it won't be an issue. I just wish this is how high school math class had worked!

I'm really psyched about this whole thing. I'm going to hate the summer break! Next Thursday is the last class until August 21st, and that'll suck!

Anyway, I'm sleeping with the book on my head and hoping for osmosis! Night all!

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