Thursday, July 12, 2007

And the results are in!

Alright, there were 4 portions of the test, but they combine the 2 math sections when they score it all, so there are actually only 3 scores. The lowest you can score is a 0. The highest is a 12.9 (as in 12th grade 9th month)

I got a 12.9, a 12.9, and a 12.9  Wooo hooo!

The whole point of taking the classes is to get you to a point that you can score a 12.9. Since I'm already at a 12.9 in all areas, I could, concievably, go ahead and take the pretests (there are 5 pretests to take before you can actually take the final GED test.)

Unfortunately, because it's a government funded program with a high drop out rate, the government won't turn over the funding until you have to proven that you're not going to drop out, by attending 12 hours of class. That's 2 weeks of class (3 hrs per night, 2 nights per week.) And you can't take any of the pretests until you've done those 12 hours.

There are only 2 weeks left before summer break. It doesn't start back up till August (8th, or 16th, but I'm not sure which) so I won't actually be able to get my GED until after that.

I *know* I've waited 18 years... but I don't want to wait anymore. I *know* August isn't far off at all, but patience is not my strong suit!

(and for the record, I have no freaking clue how I scored a 12.9 on the math. Seriously. It frightens me that they don't expect you to know more math than I do in order to graduate.)


  1. I had no doubt that you'd blow them away, E.

    For the record, I graduated high in my class, only to fail intro to algebra in my first year of college with a less than 30% average. You really DON'T need much math to graduate, apparently. :) No, I can't remember how to divide fractions anymore. Something tells me that I could figure it out with enough time and enough scrap paper, though. My biggest problem was not getting the right answer, but showing the work that got me there. I could never follow a formula. :)

    Anyway, hooray on high scores, and I won't sit here and try to placate you by telling you that August is just a blink or two away.

  2. E, you just rock. Don't worry "HOW" you got that score. Just keep blowing them out of the water! Love you!

  3. I'd fail the math portion.

    I'm not at all surprised you aced every section. You're the epitome of intelligence.

    So glad for you!!!

  4. *High FIves* You did great!