Friday, July 6, 2007

More 4th pics :)

Being delivered ...

And doused!!! Happy birthday Erin!

These are a couple shots of the load of kids in my yard while we decorated the float on the 3rd... This is BY NO MEANS alllll of the kids, there were more, just not in thiese pics lol

This is Alex, Hunter and Bren (the 3 stooges) while we waited for the parade to get moving

This is the front of the house where we had the cookout after the parade. Do the banners rock or do the banners ROCK!?

And a psychadelic acid-trip pic... the kids had glow sticks as we waited in the dark for the fireworks to start


  1. I'm so jealous -no one sets off fireworks for MY birthday.



  2. So sorry I missed you B-day.

    I suppose I'm not a very good friend.

    hope you had a good one, and by the looks of these pics, I'd say ya did.