Wednesday, July 11, 2007

GED Placement Testing

So there were 2 rounds of testing... the first was ridiculously easy... it just gave them an idea of what level you should be tested on for the actual placement. The second one was longer, more in depth, and a little harder.

There were 4 sections - 2 English, 2 math. I know I aced the Englih portions. No worries there. I even think I did OK on the one math section. The other math section I made lots of crazy faces at and really struggled through. (do any of you 35 year olds remember how to divide fractions, or know whether multiplying 2 negatives results in a positive or negative result? And good lord, no I DON'T know how to calculate the volume of a cube.)

So I go back tonight to find out what my scores are, what classes I'll need, and what my schedule will look like. Last night I was just so relieved to be done with the test - today I'm terrified of the test results. Guess I just need something to be freaked out about lol.

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