Friday, October 6, 2006


Kassi just got home from school - she's in chorus this year, I remember chorus. I figure she and I are pretty much alike, can't sing all that well, but love the class. I loved chorus, but I don't know how in the world I passed the class with a voice like mine.

Anyway, Kassi's school was really supportive of our family for the Heart Walk. They raised $653 in one day for a kid that had attended their school less than 2 weeks, because they're awesome like that. Seriously.

Now they're asking that I return the favor and support them in their fundraising efforts. They're making it easy (and probably much more successful) by adding a "shop online" feature, which I'm sharing with you. I totally understand if you can't order, because you all pretty well tapped yourselves out donating to the AHA. I know.

Just in case (what with Christmas coming and all) you can view the catalogue and order at the Reader's Digest Home and Gift Collection site. If it asks for the school or organization ID (it shouldn't but...) use the organization finder and choose the Sun Valley Middle School Chorus. Kassi will get the credit, and her school will get the money. I'm thinking hard about ordering the silver fortune cookie. It just looks neat. Plus, well, Christmas is coming, and I'd rather shop online than go out there and do it in real life, so I'll probably do some Christmas shopping here too.


  1. lol! I'm the same way, love to sing but can't carry a tune. I need a whole chorus to drown me out :D

  2. Sweet! Now I won't have to go out shopping for gift wrap for at least five years!!! Among the other stuff, they offer gift wrap & tags for every imagineable occasion.

    I feel like I've accomplished something today :-)

    BTW, the ID number came up automatically, and it was different than the one you have posted -- if you change it to the one you have posted, it comes up invalid.

  3. I have been coming to read your posts, I like the blog, I am putting you on my links, ok?