Sunday, October 8, 2006

A Mother Whose Heart Must Go On

The Charlotte Observer story is out. It's a two page spread in the Arts & Living section, starting with the front page. The whole front page. You can read it online here.

'Zilla, Thank you so much for the order on Kassi's fundraiser!


  1. wow...what a wonderfully written article, and, having followed it from the time you found out you were preggers again with Terra, it's all you, completely. Such a great tribute. *hug*

  2. You're welcome, and please tell Kassi how glad I am she's participating.

    The article is awesome.

    You are awesome.

    I need tissues, damnit.

  3. I'm crying.

    Great article, Erin.

  4. I'd like to meet this reporter and give her a big huge hug! She did such a great job of capturing you and your babies!

    And, like everyone else, I think I need some kleenex.