Sunday, October 15, 2006

Tarheel Tavern #86

The Tarheel Tavern this week has fallen again on to Poetic Acceptance, not that I mind, I really enjoy the opportunity to host. It gives me the chance to read posts that I might otherwise miss. And because I added a theme, it gives me some insight into how others interpret the theme I've announced. Sometimes I cheat and choose themes that can be duplicitous, just to get a feel for which way your minds twist. I wonder if I should have become a psychologist? Nah, maybe I need to start seeing one though!

So this week we have a new participant. Trish is new to The Tavern, but not new to NC. She's a life-long resident of Union County, and I've known her since I was 11. I know she's blushing as she reads this intro, and well, that makes me smile, because what are best friends for but to embarrass the other!?

Trish and I have similar feeling about the changing season, and the impending holidays, and for similar reasons. Visit Trish, my sister at heart, and see what the change of seasons means to her at Bubbles and Baubles.

Speaking of bubbles, you should see what Ron's been up to. He took a trip to Maine recently, and the change of seasons is something wholly different there than here. He's filled his Flickr with photos, and they're well worth the look. Autumn is different there. Colder, faster, and somehow, at least in Ron's view finder, it's more picturesque.

Ogre posted about one thing that, here in our area at least, is a sure sign that the seasons have changed. The leaves might not always change on time. The cold weather might not arrive on schedule, but by God, the Renaissance Festival always does, and when it does, Charlotteans know that, without a doubt, Fall has arrived.

Mr. R (isn't that just a supremely mysterious moniker?) submits a post about change, though not about the change of season, but that of a news story, and the sudden switch(es) in attitude as the truth of the situation became more evident. With a Blog called "Evolving Education" I'd think change is nothing new to Mr. R (Sorry, I just like saying Mr. R - I can hear the who-dunnit music in the background!) Read his thoughts on the plane crash in NYC, and the evolution of the reports.

Bora, the Tavern's founding father, is a science blogger. His field is chronobiology (is that the right word Bora?) The definition of chronobiology is the science or study of the effect of time, esp. rhythms, on living systems. What better place than his SEED blog to find commentary on the change of seasons and the effect of those changes on the world around us right? Well, if you know Bora, you know he's always one to throw you a twist ;) His post this week is about Elizabeth Edwards, a book signing, and a hug. It's not so much about change as it is about a difference. A difference in Elizabeth's personality that makes it possible for her, a celebrity of sorts, to know her fans' names, as well as those of their children. It's about a difference she's made (and is making) in her community, both online and off.

That's something I've noticed a lot more of lately. People who dedicate their lives to making a difference. I'm striving to become one of them, I hope I'm on the right track - and I'm using others' example to learn from. Jerry and Skip Mudge are two of those people who've set an example. I've written about them, and their mission, and how they've touched my life personally at Nova's Heart. Please take a moment to read, because I feel sure that I have local readers that might be interested in their work.

This next one is definitely about change. Billy (the Blogging Poet, the Christmas elf and pilot extraordinaire) is always showcasing everyone else's work, linking to their blogs, bragging about the things that other people do. That's what Billy does (other than poetry) is help everyone else get more exposure for the things they do. I've been the beneficiary of Billy's generous linkage many many times, but this week, it's Billy's turn to get some attention. It's video, it's awesome. Go. Watch!

Abel Pharmboy, another SEED Blog blogger, has made a post about a change in plans, one that really worked out for the best, despite the fact that he was "miserably pissed off." He might have missed the party, but I'd bet he loved that phone call. They do say all things happen for a reason!

And that concludes the list of submissions to this week's Tavern. But like Fall, this is not the end, but another beginning! Read on for the posts I swiped from various blogs who didn't email me a link ;)

Laurie has changed locations in more ways than one. Her URL has changed again, but so has her geographic location! Laurie left for Italy a few days ago, but she hasn't blogged about it yet! I'm dying to find out how awesome it is!

Waterfall knows she can imagine running 20 miles (which is a change from before!) but Friday, she did run 10 (and my hats off to her being able to!) On her 10 mile run (makes me tired just to type it!) she had the pleasure of some breathtaking views around Lake Junaluska.

has been experiencing plenty of her own changes lately. Wednesday's changes included green sisters, flying fathers, and one more. Congratulations Mandie! I've had my head up my own rump lately apparently, I didn't even know!

And Kelly posts about a story that entails a change of players

And this one - my last 'stolen' blog post - it is not about change at all. It is blissful in it's lack of change. It's so sweet that, even though it doesn't fit my theme at all, I sat for hours trying to find a way to make it fit the theme, and finally decided, you know what? I don't care that it doesn't fit, it's too beautiful not to include. Of course, at that point, I realized that it fits perfectly. It is about one constant through a lifetime of change. It is about weathering the seasons as they roll around and through and past. It fits because I say so, because it makes me smile. Go read.

See, wasn't it a beautiful post? A perfect moment to close the Tavern too.

Abel Pharmboy of Terra Sigillata has graciously offered to host the Tavern next weekend, but please, feel free to look over your schedule and ours, and let me know if there's a weekend that you'd like to host!


  1. Nicely done. Thanks for including me.

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  3. Erin, I am stunned and unbearably flattered to be included. Thank you so much for the overly kind words. This edition of the Tavern is a great one.

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