Saturday, November 25, 2006



Yesterday I was thankful. Today I'm just sad and tired.

OK I had to come back to this. It's misleading. I am not just sad and tired. At the moment of that statement, I was sad and tired and...well, wishful. But my ass didn't hit the couch before I was mulling it over. And yes, today, as always, there is still MUCH to be thankful for. Today, my house is decked out in Christmas decorations, and I have a tree in my storage building, in a bucket of water, waiting for some family to come along in need of one. I'm lucky to have the opportunity to give some other parent(s) the gift of that sparkle in their kids' eyes when they see the lights on the tree, all decorated for Santa. And this tree found me (thanks again Sheryl!) Nothing lifts my spirits more than having that opportunity. I wish I had a dozen Christmas trees to give away!

Sure I'm thankful for what I have, and I'm even more thankful for what I get to give away.


  1. yeah...because you're beautiful like that!

    Love you, E

  2. I second that. she is sooo beautiful like that!

    lovin' you. fo sho!

  3. That is the best isn't it?

    The stuff we get to give away.