Sunday, November 19, 2006



Some days, it just doesn't pay to bother getting out of bed. Those days are easily identified. They're the ones that, when you open your eyes in the morning, you want to close them again because you already know someone is going to be mad at you (or rather, hurt by something you did, but didn't mean to do) - but can't, so you get up and every thing you have planned goes to shit. Then, because of the wealth of crap going wrong in your day, you're feeling pissy enough that you realize that - that other thing you wanted to do? Yeah, probably better not, cuz pissiness isn't entertaining at get togethers, and you don't want to make anyone uncomfortable because of your bad mood and self-puty....

Then, you say something genuine, and somehow it is misinterpreted and you get sort of slapped in the teeth for it, and you're like, whoa... wow.

Then, someone else comes along and says something that you're not really sure how it should be taken, but it makes you feel like you're getting slapped in the teeth again.

Then, someone shows up at your door to pick up some baby clothes that you agreed to part with, but all of a sudden you feel kinda melty/mushy/clingy/weepy and don't want to give them up, but you have to anyway.

Is it friggin' bed time yet? Cuz I apparently should have left my eyes, and my mouth, shut VERY TIGHTLY, this morning. It just hurts my feelings whenever someone feels like I have done something to offend them. I cry like a friggin' baby over stuff lately anyway, but damn. I could have done without crying because I inadvertantly made someone else feel badly.


  1. Please do NOT let it upset you that someone who was already having a bad day and read really fast through what was an innocent comment took it the wrong way. That doesnt mean you said it wrong---because I understood it perfectly and I dont think it had as much to do with you or your comment as it had to do with them and the minute, hour, day, week, that they were having.
    I am so sorry about the knock on your door and the baby clothes---that lets me know that you were having a hard day as well. Hugs and Love My FRIEND

  2. Awww Stephanie! Thank you for stopping in here! And for, as always, being a great friend. I'm kind of glad that not everyone misinterpreted it, because I was FLOORED by the reaction. Anyway, thanks for being my FRIEND. Here, there, and IRL :)

  3. Yeah, I'm with her. Verbal kicks in the teeth are often just wild punches that catch whoever's in the way at the time.

    I can't imagine anyone wanting to hurt YOU on purpose.

  4. OK, I obviously don't know what's going on in the other areas, E, just wanted to send you some (((HUGS))) and let you know that I've felt that virtual face slap today too. :( I wish people would get over themselves sometimes.


    I love ya, Erin. mwah!


  5. Awww E... (hugs) to you. We all have them, and I think bad days are just part of the game. You certainly have your reasons, and seem to have more than your fair share of them. But anyone who doesn't realize everything your working on internally right now is a moron, so if they take something the wrong way, and not just for what it is, it's their fault and not yours.

    Hope whoever ruined your day steps in a big old fireant mound on the way to the toilet with explosive diarrhea.

  6. Scotty4:19 PM

    Hope whoever ruined your day steps in a big old fireant mound on the way to the toilet with explosive diarrhea <---- Now thats a damn funny visual..

  7. The other Stephanie9:38 PM

    I know I am a bit behind, but I really just wanted to commend you for your strength. You are an inspiration to people and moms eveywhere. And like Steph said...try not to let it get to you. I know that it is easier said than done, but you really said nothing wrong. But truly, I really do admire you. Take care and just remember to ssmile!

  8. Hope whoever ruined your day steps in a big old fireant mound on the way to the toilet with explosive diarrhea <---- Now thats a damn funny visual..

    WOW Angie. I needed that laugh today. :D

  9. And I hope that person with the ant bites and explosive diarrhea shits all over the F***er that just posted spam in your comments.

    WTF?! You're going to take the time to bypass the word verification just to piss off everyone who comes here? URG!

    But hey, on a more serious note... Love you E!

  10. I love you guys :D

    Y'all never fail to remind me that I really don't suck, even on days when I'm convinced I do.