Sunday, November 19, 2006

Verbal Grammar vs Written Grammar

Verbal Grammar vs Written Grammar

I am a grammar freak. I write, reread, proofread, edit, rewrite, and repeat as necessary. Granted, I've been lax lately, especially with that ever-so-simple spellcheck button, but lately I have (hypocritically) higher expectations when reading others' writing than I do my own. It's laziness when it comes to my own. Just writing is enough work for me lately - but reading and automatically seeing errors in other things I'm reading is just, well, habit. An infuriating one. I'd like to be able to read something for the joy of reading (the way that lately I write simply for release, rather than perfection.) It's difficult to enjoy a book/blogpost/forum entry when you're hung up on the fact that they used "gave" instead of "given."

I find too that when I speak, my grammar is far less than perfect. I'm a fountain of colloquialisms, slang, and basic butchering of the English language. I guess because I speak like white trash, but write more formally, I assume others do the same. I am perpetually amazed to see that others type the same way they write.

But then, I'm weird. I know that. I try to embrace that. So what's this post about? Boredom I think.


  1. I often write how I speak, especially in my blog because I'd rather my readers (all 3 of them lol) to feel like I'm talking to them. I used to care about proper grammar and the correct uses of the comma, but I guess I've become lazy lately. Oh well. ;) What can ya do?

  2. Me too. I find myself writing like I talk a lot more lately.

    I can switch to the formal way of writing when the mood strikes me, but I was once told by a professor that my formal writing is pompus. Hurt my feelings and made me shy away from formality, a little.

    I can speak formally too, but I usually feel more comfortable being my ol' dizzy, informal self.

    In my business/gig, I think it makes me more approachable when I speak easy. The kids seem to relate to me better. I value the rapport I have with them, it makes my job a pleasure.

    And mechanics, oh sheesh, I can so butcher up a sentence. xx, Lori