Thursday, January 1, 2009


Well there it was. It happened. The old year went, and the new year arrived, and much to my relief, it happened fairly peacefully. I was working at the time -- I've been so far behind that I rang in the new year by adding content to one of my clients' sites. Very appropriate. That's the way I like it - I brought the new year in by doing what I love to do, giving to others by helping my client to provide a resource that will benefit many others, and at the same time, making a bit of much-needed money. Here's to hoping the rest of 2009 will follow suit ;)

I had let my kids stay up to see midnight -- it's a bit of a family tradition, and while I know that no 5 year old needs to see the ball drop, or even understands the concept of it all, my mother always let me stay up to see it, and I've always let mine too. Terra fell asleep, literally, as the announcer said "Happy New Year!" My neighbors set off many fireworks, screamed, yelled, tooted their noise makers, and, from the sounds of the echoes of the voices around the neighborhood, had a hearty drink or 3 to celebrate. I had one mixed drink, and its half-full remains still sit next to my work area on the table. It isn't that I am not happy to see 2009 come, it's just that I value the idea of being peaceful.

The oddest thing was that I'm generally very perceptive to taking on others' energies - I thought I'd explode in LA, the whole place vibrated all the time with excitement and a sense of promise and possibility - but when I walked outside a few minutes after midnight to watch the neighborhood's impromptu fireworks show, I expected to feel the positive energies of hundreds of people celebrating.

I didn't.

Despite the noise and fireworks, there was no sense of excitement. It has me deep in thought about the effects of this economy on society, and the pool of fear and desperation it has inspired. Or perhaps it's not as big as all that -- maybe it's just my neighborhood. I do live dead-center of a neighborhood plagued by alcoholism, drugs, and unemployment. I don't know, whatever the case, it leaves me feeling a bit sad that the energies were so far mismatched from the sound of revelling that surrounded me.

I generally dispense with the idea of resolutions. I lack self-discipline and will-power, and have learned that me making a new years resolution equates to me making promises to myself that I will break, and then feel like crap. But this year, I'm going to make a resolution or two. I resolve to remember that I am worthy, to live well, love big, and do my part to keep the economy of generosity going strong. And I resolve to do more in the way of giving, because I have more to offer than I've found time to part with lately. The thing I want to give most of this year: HOPE.

Happy New Year to everyone!



  2. Happy New Year. I am very sensitive to energy too. The economy has a lot of people down, and I agree hope is a lovely thing to put out there.

  3. Terra certainly outshone us! Kelly crashed at 10:00 and Jim and I at 11:00. Old party poopers, eh??