Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Refrigerator Poetry

29Gifts.org is having a Refrigerator Poetry Contest. 29 Random words which were "generated" by my children, and the news show that was on at the time. I can't win (the prizes are cash by the way) but I wanted to write a poem anyway - the rules are: use as many of the 29 random words as possible - you CAN add other words. (Wanna know the 29 words, go here: http://givingchallenge.ning.com/group/29dayspoetryclub

And here's my poem :)

Embers in My Pocket

She was a child,
walking egg shells in the moonlight -
her sage wisdom working
behind jewel tone eyes
to write the story of tomorrow.

She refused to wait
to be still - to hide
behind a curtain of complacency
dulling the brilliant flavors of
what laid before her.

The winds of winter
whispered in her ear
willing her run headlong into Spring
and jump feet first into Summer.

Her lesson was
to heed the call of The Universe
to march fearless into the divide
between what is and what will be
without care for how absurd
the path may seem to some.

She became a speaker,
a vessel whose faith poured
like blue hot embers onto
dry kindling wood – and now
her message ignites the global heart
to engender change.

And here are we, following
the program she wrote,
chunks of her belief
like hot coals in our pockets
that we spread into
those chilly corners of the world.

Now, go read some (not refrigerator) poetry


  1. Holey shucks, that was good!

    I'm thinking Mother Teresa, but her eyes were brown.

    How you got that shining brilliance of a wonder message out of 29 words astounds me, tres cool, Erin

  2. did you read the 29 words? YOU should totally join :)

  3. This is good.

    I loked many parts as well as the whole but a couple of lines I'd like to highlight are

    "dulling the brilliant flavors of
    what laid before her."