Friday, October 31, 2008

So it's Halloween


Anyone else get tired of celebrating holidays? Let's pretend that I didn't celebrate it every year as a kid... which I did, but let's just say... That makes this the 19th time I've taken one or more (usually more) kids door-to-door, dressed in ridiculous costumes (one year, Kory was the grape guy from the Fruit of the Looms commercial, OMG, hysterical!) to beg for candy.

19 years is a long time, but I have another 10, at least, to go! 29 years is a long time to beg for candy without getting the point that you can BUY candy by the gross, and not have to traipse around in the freezing cold to beg for it.

I'm getting too old for this shit. And don't give me any shit about age just being a number, or fill my head with that "you're only as old as ya feel" bullshit either. I'm old. And tired. I had a Halloween party last weekend, and trust me, for this year, I am so over this shit. November 1st can't get here soon enough!

And then, in walks Terra, snaggle-toothed with her not-quite-ready loose tooth, absolutely vibrating with excitement about dressing up as Snow White again and trick-or-treating. And I can't help but get a little excited with her.

I swear to you, God made kids cute for a reason.


  1. Don't worry, you'll also soon reach an age where the older kids can take the younger ones traipsing, and you can sit peacefully at home with a big bowl of candy in your lap, pretending you didn't hear the doorbell ring. :)

    And when the heck did Terra get so darn big and grown up?! Beautiful, just like her mom.

    Now don't go squashing my enthusiasm just yet. J's only 4, ya know?

  2. lol the older kids ARE old enough - but the 19 yr old has a party to attend, the 17 yr old is going to a hockey game with his uncle, and my 14 yr old daughter? Pfft, way too into her own Halloween lans to be trusted to watch Terra lol.

    It's scary how grown up she's getting. I can't believe she's my youngest and last - the baby is no baby anymore.I LOVE the little person she's becoming, but I SO miss the little bitty baby girl that she isn't anymore...

    And yeah, you have a 4 yr old, ... you have FUN with Halloween... it's totally different when you've spent 2 decades dragging several (often whiney and grumpy) children around in the cold dark lol.