Sunday, October 19, 2008

Friend of the Family Lost a baby this morning

My oldest son and his fiancee are very close to another young couple with children. Alec (Tommy's fiancee) babysat for them for free a lot because they couldn't afford to pay for childcare. I had met John, but never Mandy or their children.

This morning I got up and hit the grocery store and when I got home, Tommy told me that their baby, a 4 month old little girl named Siddalee, didn't wake up this morning. That when they went in to get her, she was cold and blue.

I can only assume it was SIDS, but they don't really know anyting yet. I'm just so sad. Any time I hear of a baby dying it just rips my heart out for the family, especially the mom. I guess having lost 2 of my own makes it hit closer to home for me.

I know they can't afford a funeral and head stone, so I'm starting a funeral fund for the baby. If you'd like to donate, you can use the chipin donate button above (donations go through Paypal) or email me for my home address.

PS: The Chip In widget says Nov 28th, but in truth, they need it by Oct 28th - I've adjusted the settings at ChipIn but the widget isn't showing the change yet.


  1. I'd never seen ChipIn before.

    It reminds me of those coffee cans we see so often in gas stations and other small businesses in small northern Michigan towns -- the ones raising money for all sorts of tragic (and expensive) events. I love those coffee cans because when everyone gives a little, a lot can be accomplished.

    My cousin's open heart surgery after a heart attack was paid for by coffee can funds and a fundraiser dance held at his village's fire department hall.

    Blessed be the people who place coffee cans on countertops.

  2. I'm sorry I wasn't around sooner.