Thursday, October 23, 2008

I might be...

OK, I *am* going to South Africa, on a missionary trip of sorts. Sounds odd for me to call it that because I think of a missionary trip as someting churches do, and I'm definitely not part of any church...

It was going to be June '09, but there's a very real possibility that it will actually be summer of '10. It's still very much in the early planning stage, and I'm still very much in the surreal stage where it hasn't really sunk in yet. There's a LOT to do between now and then, planning and finding the funds to make it happen, preliminary planning for how to shuffle my home life around for the 3 weeks so that I can go with a minimal amount of disruption in my family. I've got to see what I have to do to get a passport and any medical checkups and such that I'll need before I can go.

But there it is, I'm going with a group from 29Gifts to South Africa, to visit with orphaned children with AIDS, and to launch an educational program for AIDS prevention.

I'd have NEVER guessed that this sort of opportunity would arise for me, but I'm incredibly psyched about it, just so pulled to do whatever it takes to go and do this. So there's that. Be forewarned that sometime in the future I'll be asking for donations to finance a trip to South Africa.


  1. Yes you are going. I feel it in my heart.

    I'll giva ya some dough, sure! Won't be a lot, but it'll help.

  2. Sweeeeet!

    Don't forget to apply for a passport, like, SOON.

  3. That's so cool, Erin.