Tuesday, May 27, 2008

May 27th: Day 2 of 29

I think, for me, the hardest part of this challenge is going to be blogging about it, because I'm blogging on behalf of 6 people! Terra, bless her little heart, is thrilled to do the challenge, but being 4 somewhat limits your opportunities, especially when Mommy doesn't take you anywhere ;) Kassi is taking her for a walk around the block as we speak, hopefully, an opportunity will arise while she's out.

Plus, Scott tends to be hush-hush, so there may very well be days when I can't blog for him. I'm going to try to encourage him to actively sign up and blog his own stuff. Not sure he'll do it though, he's not really much of a blogger - more the "strong silent type" lol.

Alright, Kassi and Bren each came home with notes in their notebook about things they'd done.

Kassi: tried to befriend one of the not-so-popular girls at school by complimenting her outfit. I remember being in school and totally being the nerd, and I know how much it would have meant to me to get a compliment from one of the "in" girls, and I'm proud of Kassi for doing it. She also helped a 6th grader who fell in the hall, and according to school politics, the proper 8th grader response to that would have been laughter, accompanied by pointing... another point for Kassi. Not only is she being helpful and giving, she's willing to put herself out there in a way that could ultimately be frowned upon by other kids and 'tarnish her standing" in the popular crowd.

Bren: finished up his classroom project and helped one of the other kids who was having a hard time. He's in AIG, so sometimes his "help" can be really valuable - but that's not the point. Bren is incredibly quiet and shy, so for him to initiate this sort of interaction is hard, and rare.

Kory: has spent the better part of his day at the neighbor's house tending to the elderly gentleman. He's having some health issues and everyone in the family had to leave for one reason or another... his doctor has changed his heart medication and he gets dizzy and passes out and such, and needs someone there to do things like bring him lunch, fix his drinks, etc... Just small things really, but things he can't, for safety reasons, do for himself very well.

Erin: got called in for a "company meeting" today on my day off. You'd have to understand my job to understand how grandiose it is to call it a "company meeting" but whatever. Anyway, we had some issues to discuss and needed to bring up the fact that there were some duties that weren't getting done as often as they should. My boss is the sweetest guy ever and really hates to point fingers, but he and I have been discussing these issues for a couple of weeks now and I knew which ones were making him most uncomfortable to bring up, and to which employees. I took the heat off of him and brought one of them up myself and pointed the finger, so he wouldn't feel like "the bad guy" when it came to one of the touchiest subjects we discussed. Unintended benefit: I got free food when I left :)

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