Friday, May 30, 2008

5/30: Day 5 of 29

5/30: Day 5 of 29 29 day giving challenge

Heh, what a day. Sometimes this isn't as easy as it would seem!

re: day 4: The care package I left in the ladies' room at work? Still at work. I dunno... eventually someone will take it, right? I hope.

re: day 5 On Wednesday I listed an infant car seat and 2 bases on Freecycle - yesterday a woman replied. Her 6 month old son needed a new car seat because the cat peed in the one they bought and even with washing it, she couldn't get the smell out. She stopped by and picked it up this afternoon. Seemed really sweet, and her son was just too cute!

I shot her an email after she left... it had one of the tags/images I created and the message "You've been gifted!" plus the URL, hope she joins :)

Day 5: After work I went home and had a 1/2 cup of coffee and grabbed the breast pump and headed out to give it to the girl I posted about yesterday. I expected to be a little sad about letting it go, but I feel really good about it. She was very appreciative, and promises to get it back to me. Again, if she doesn't, that's ok too. I'm really at peace with giving it to her if that's how it works out. It was the right thing to do, and in the end that's what matters - that *I* do what *I* am supposed to do. I can't control whether she does the right thing or not, and it isn't my place to try.

OK, now for everyone else's last couple of days:

Yesterday (5/29, day 4):
Kassi: defended someone at school when people were being mean to him (the amusing thing is, the person she defended was a teacher... they were making fun of his shiny bald head)

Bren: helped yet another child with their "$1,000,000 project" in class by letting him cut out and use pictures from the magazines he'd brought in.

Terra: made a plethora of I Love You Daddy pictures for her Daddy

Today: (5/30, day 5)
Kassi: helped Ashley clean out her locker

Bren: helped the bus driver with names of kids that were acting up.

Terra: really wanted to be the one to give the car seat to the lady that came today so she helped me carry it out to the porch, and she also helped me deliver the breast pump to Jennifer.

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