Saturday, January 13, 2007

MySpace is strangely addictive

MySpace is strangely addictive

I've had a Myspace account for nearly 2 years now, but I signed up just so I could comment on MySpace blogs. Of course, the damn thing was too complicated for me and I never did anything with it, and never even really used it to comment anywhere.

Then I joined Union and found out that basically every woman in Monroe has a MySpace blog. I resisted, I swear I did. But lately I've spent a lot of time there. It makes me feel old, but strangely connected. Not that that makes any sense really - I was already connected to all the people on my friends list...

Anyway. MySpace has a bad reputation, we all know that. It's either all teenagers, or all child molesters and rapists/murderers, right?

It also happens to be where every family member you haven't spoken to in a million years is, and it is how you can find them or they will find you. Scott has discovered that a bunch of his family members have MySpace accounts. Me? Haven't found a soul, but then, I pretty well burned my bridges along the way, and the only person that might 'find' me wouldn't be one I wanted to deal with anyway.

Christ, I can't keep up with the people in my life (on line and off) right now - like I need people crawling back up out of the muck I call a past. Can you even imagine what I'd do if my ex-husband messaged me!? Good god I'd delete my whole online existence to avoid him!

Anyway, that's just me, and I'm overwhelmed just by keeping up with laundry lately, let alone history. But Scott has had great luck, and he's happy to have found who he's found -and who's found him- because he's better at rolling with the punches than I am.

And you know what? MySpace is like quiz/meme hell. There are bulletins, that are a lot like getting forwarded junkmail, with a gazillion goofy questions to answer, and somehow, you feel like a MySpace Jack Ass if you don't fill out *sigh* And yet, I'm completely addicted.

Go figure.

Want to know my MySpace screen name?
Ugh seriously. AND - I've even figured out how to do the layouts custom ones. I'm thinking that it's sort of like my second childhood or some shit, I dunno.


  1. Hey E. You know, I've tried and tried, and I just can't get into the MySpace thing. I mean, I pop my head in there every now and then, but I don't do the bulletin things- hardly read them unless they look really funny or important. I read my comments, respond as often as I remember to on my messages, but my heart just isn't there.

    But you know me... creature of habit and all.

    Were I 15 again and just finding the world of the internet I'd probably be all over it. I can certainly see it's appeal to everyone, but it just hasn't worked for me. But if that's where I need to go to get my E fix, then My Space, here I come!

  2. lol...I had a feeling once you got into it, you'd get hooked. I did. I know exactly what you mean about everyone being "there". My cousins from all over the world have a "space" and we all connect this way. So strange how the world gets smaller.

    *hugs* I love you.

  3. Giving Tommy's child, if it turns out to be his, a way of finding Tommy should he ever want to, would be so good for Tommy and for you, I think. I'm glad you've looked into the options, Erin.

    On the off chance that Mr Z and I lay over in Charlotte on our way to SC in March, would you be up for a hybernating hosta, hand delivered, and a hug? I've asked him to look into scheduling extra time for the trip just in case you're feeling receptive.

    Either way, you're in my thoughts, daily.

  4. I don't do the forward mail shit. And I don't do fuckin' crazy ass surveys or what have you. None of it!


  5. I dont even remember when I got the myspace account... that's how long it's been! LOL.

    I do the surveys when I'm bored. And since Roy's in Iraq for 11/12 months a year I have nothing but time anyway.


    I suck for commenting on other peoples pages though. Everyone comments on mine and I feel like I somehow "owe them" comments back. HA!