Monday, January 1, 2007

Fair Warning HAHA!

Fair Warning HAHA!

It won't be long now and the Kintera site will be back up and running for fundraising toward the 2007 Heart Walk. I figure I won't push it too much so soon. I was so overwhelmed by the response last year that I'm actually afraid to start and find out that I won't come anywhere close to the level of success we hit last September. Of course, if I don't, I'll feel like a failure lol.

Last year, as I thought about this year's walk, I contemplated the concept of having an event to raise money, like a community cook out: free food, games for children, a live band, a silent auction.

I look at the idea now and think, wow, what a huge amount of work and capital outlay. I'm not making any final decisions on that one yet - it intimidates the hell out of me, with all the sponsorship it'd require, and all the permits and insurance and such that I'd have to get. I just have to decide if I feel it would be feasible along with all my regular fundraising stuff, and if I feel it'd bring in enough money to be worth the work. Of course, it would also raise a lot of awareness in my immediate community, so there's that to consider too.

So yeah, I'm brainstorming again. Any and all ideas are welcome (hint hint) I will say that the raffles that I did were not so successful. The one Gretchen had, the yarn raffle? Yeah, that was a smashing success. Maybe I just need to concentrate on what prizes would be most appealing. Maybe I can get Sawyer from LOST to agree to let me raffle off a one night stand, errr... I mean, a date with him?

Well, I have some time to consider all of this I suppose. And a notebook full of ideas I've jotted down over the last 7 months. Just need to sort it all out in my head I guess.

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  1. stand..err-umm date...(hehe...) yeah, THAT would be a treat! lol Keep up the good work, E. I'm always cheering for you.