Wednesday, February 9, 2005

A Starting Point

There's something to be said for pen and ink in this age of keyboards and word processing. Something freeing about being able to spill it all, and not worry about someone else's reaction to it. Not having to feel obligated to respond to their responses.

Don't get me wrong, I love MTC, but there are things I couldn't possibly post on there. Things that just belong in my tattered old spiral notebook, safely tucked away from prying eyes. And yet, I find that now that I'm back online, I don't use it so much. This keyboard is either addictive, or makes me lazy. So, the best of both worlds -- here, I can slop through the sludge of my subconscience and not worry so much about responses. Oh maybe someone will find me here, and reply to me, I don't mind that -- it's the volume of responses I get on the 'touchy' posts that bothers me.

So, no, this isn't an admonishment not to reply, should you feel compelled, it's just sort of a commentary on my own insecurities really. You know, my discomfort in letting other people ALL the way in. . . and then needed to justify what they find. Here, well, I guess all my skeletons will learn to dance.

So much for Post #1.
Maybe #2 I'll actually say something, because re-reading this one makes me realize it's just another justification.

I'm so lame.


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