Saturday, June 30, 2007


So, I've spent a year (or 4) in denial, sort of. I mean, there are things... *issues* I see in terra that started raising flags when she was about 2ish. She toe walks, she chews stuff, she will only eat/drink certain things, she had issues with loud noises, and a strict bedtime routine. But honestly, I don't know (and I know I've said this before) if these are true issues, or me doing some sort of hypochondriac thing lol. We've never had her seen by any specialists or tested her for anything.

She only toe walks when barefoot now (we've spent years saying "feet flat" and she'll walk right when we do, and as long as she's wearing shoes, she's got her feet in a normal position when she walks.) She's been eating better for a good while (meat even! -she never would eat meat till the last 6 months or so.) The strict bed time routine went the way of the wind long ago, and all that remains is that she prefers one blanket over the others, but will go to bed fine without it.) She even told me while we were outside today that she isn't afraid of trains anymore (we live RIGHT next to the tracks and one went by blowing the horn continuously - which USED TO set her into a frenzy)

So here's the thing. She's very intelligent, she communicates well, she doesn't seem to have any gross or fine motor delays, she's generally healthy and happy and well adjusted (albeit spoiled) and seems to be on or ahead of schedule with her developmental milestones. Whatever issues she has don't really have a negative effect on her.

And yet, they bother me. When I think about having her tested, I wonder... would a doctor even see the things I see? Are these things even "issues" anymore? Were they ever really? Would a diagnosis help or hinder her?

Am I a bad parent for not having her tested? For fearing that if she gets a diagnosis that somehow the therapies and stuff will actually do more harm than good? If she's adjusted and functions perfectly well... what is there to be gained from it? Am I crazy for thinking that we'd end up dwelling on the possible weaknesses to the point that we'd only see those? Or that it might screw up her (presently high) sense of self worth?


  1. If she's smart and happy, I wouldn't worry about her small "Issues." Sounds to me like she's a great kid. And you know what they say ~ if it ain't broke... I think these things are just little passing oddities, and aren't we ALL pretty odd when it comes right down to it?

  2. I think you have to trust your instincts. Which ever way they go.
    Parents always no best...even when we are "wrong".

  3. You know, J's doctor has wanted to send him to a specialist for just about everything under the sun. Speech,hearing, motor skills. I sort of agreed that he was lagging behind a bit, but wanted to give him a chance to do it himself. So, after one of his checkups where language development was discussed I promised myself I'd give him 3 months, and if he didn't make any sort of improvement we'd see about testing.

    Ends up he was just busy absorbing everything around him. He's now a super-active munchkin who talks fluently in two languages.

    I guess what I'm saying is, follow your instinct. You, of all people, will never be accused of being negligent.