Thursday, September 4, 2008

Since Nova Died

Since Nova died, I have moved far far away from the world of poetry and writing. But some folks at 29 Days have visited here and read some of my poetry, and have really encouraged me to come back to it. It feels strange, even reading others' writing, it seems like a distant place now.

But today I was sent 2 links. The first was to a fellow blogger, Jane Pupyek. She is a published author (that which I used to want desperately to be) and on her blog you can find excerpts of her books, as well as reviews. I already wanted Tomato Girl before I'd finished reading the front page of her blog. But as I scrolled down I saw that another blogger was hosting a give-a-way: an autographed copy of Tomato Girl, and I want it!

Because you know, Scott got laid off, and even though he's got a job now, our finances are screwed well beyond the point of ordering a book I just can't live without!

Anyway, check out the reviews, and if you decide you want a free copy of Tomato Girl, leave Kathy at Bermuda Onion a comment and you'll be entered into her give-a-way. If, like me, you NEED a copy of Tomato Girl, you'll blog about her give-a-way and link back to her :)

Oh, the other link I got was to a poem on The Greensboro Review, written by Natasha Trethewey. Once you read it you'll know why it spoke personally to me...

Love y'all!

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