Wednesday, September 24, 2008

September Nights

I can't get over how cool the weather has turned all of a sudden. It doesn't seem normal for NC. But then again, Fall always sneaks up on me and surprises me. Next thing you know it'll be Christmas. Especially if I get lost in all the meteor showers in October and November eh?

I was outside tonight... we live in a neighborhood now, which comes with it's inherent set of complicatons. I suppose it's only natural that there's more trouble and drama in a place where there's a high concentration of people. But even so, at night, it's quiet, crazy quiet. We're far enough away from the highway that we barely even hear the traffic at night. All you hear are crickets getting ready for the harvest. The air has an unmistakable quality to it - the humidity that hung heavy over us all summer has been replaced with the crisp clarity that always preceeds winter.

Tonight, there's not a cloud in the sky, just eons of stars as far into eternity as the human eye can see, and farther than the human mind can fathom. I saw a shooting star and was so awed that I forgot to make a wish. It's just so damned beautiful out there. So undefined, and yet, so perfectly clear.

I should have wished on that star - I should have wished I was the September night sky.


  1. Nothing like a clear September night to get the poetry flowing, eh?

    I liked our new neighborhood when we could hear marching band practice, which takes me back to my childhood in good ways. At the moment, thought, we hear machines and pounding and sawing from dawn til dusk. Dang, I complain a lot :-(

  2. This brought tears to my eyes.
    Thank you.