Thursday, February 1, 2007

A to the B to the...

A. Tommy goes in for the paternity test tomorrow. 3 - 6 weeks later, we'll know something one way or the other. It can't come quickly enough for me. I am still disheartened and frustrated by the amount of work that's gone into simply finding out if he's the father, let alone actually getting his paternal rights. Which, by the way, will be long gone by the time we know whther or not he should have had them in the first place. I'm trying not to obsess over that fact, since he didn't intend to try to stop the adoption anyway.

B. It snowed. NC doesn't get snow. I mean, hell what we got today doesn't really qualify as snow in the real world... we got 2 inches, followed by sleet, then rain. We now have slush. It's yucky. But this morning (knowing the lifespan of snow around these parts) we got up and went out to play in it. 8am and we were having a freezing good time. We built a snowman - 6 feet tall. Then 'transgendered her' by putting her in a bikini and giving her a beach umbrella.

The rain has already reduced her to an unrecognizable (toppled and melted) mass in the yard.


  1. I hope you took pictures before she left! Wow.... Snow in NC!

    Erin I am sorry for all the stresses you are in the middle of--if I had the right words, I would say them, or had any magic, I would perform it on the spot. Put it all in some magic box and wave a wand to make it disappear.

    But I am thinking of you, and hoping things get easier.

  2. I hear you're supposed to get more.

    Is that right? Very rarely do I have auditory hallucinations.

  3. *hugs* sending positive vibes your way. You're all in my thoughts.