Sunday, April 15, 2007

Curving (again)

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You were promise, curving
like the round of my belly
as light through crystal,
yellow to green to blue.

You were my secret, spilling
like sand from the bend of my elbow
into the way my hair tickled your face
as I lifted you.

Or was it you that lifted me?

You were hope,
now more than ever beyond grasp,
smile too wise to acknowledge death,
and recognition in your eyes.

Yes, you were promise
like dew in the boughs of the willow
curving always away.


  1. I'm so glad that you've stuck with this poem, E. And to think that it almost never was at all.

    I've read almost every poem you've ever written... or at least the ones you've chosen to share with us, and this one is one of the greatest.

  2. beautiful poem, Erin.

    you're doing so much; you're work inspires.

  3. your, too. jeez, jen -- spell much?

  4. this is so beautiful, Erin and so fitting.

  5. I agree with Ang.

    As easy as words are somtimes to find, love seems to replace them now.

    ~ James

  6. has anyone seen sometimes?

    can't find that little

  7. Made me think of so many other wonderful poets, but not one specifically.
    You're unique.
    This is a treasure.

  8. I've started to do friendship friday with the mister linky... i dunno if you're interested but it sure sounds like you would have a lot of great things to offer even if it's just about friendships your kids have made... enlighten us!

  9. Erin, beautiful to read you again. Sorry I haven't stopped by more often. I'm sending you hugs. Maybe this summer we can really have that coffee finally, eh? xo

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  11. Been thinking of you and hoping you're all right.