Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy Holidays?

Last night was like magic, after a long day at work. I love that Scott and I can find beauty and happiness in the smallest of things. Scott commented on how pretty the rain soaked streets were, all covered with orange, red, and yellow leaves. He was right, the combination of headlights and streetlights reflecting on the wet asphalt was so beautiful. Reminded me of Christmas, which is funny, considering it was 9 o'clock at night, 70 degrees and raining.

Scott's so excited about Christmas this year, he's been itching to drag out the tree and decorate for 2 weeks already. That's a little unusual for us. Too many kids and not enough money has made Christmas more about stress than joy for us for pretty much our whole (nearly 19 year) relationship. Maybe it's because of Raevyn - having a new baby around always grounds you, reminds you of what's important.

I'm more excited about Christmas this year than usual too. I've been stashing cash for 2 months - for my gift for Scott. I'm a bad Mom, I'm far more excited to shop for him than I am for the kids. I always manage to fail at buying "just the right thing" for my kids. I don't know if that's because I buy the wrong things, or if it's because they change their minds about what they want every five minutes.

When they were little their eyes lit up like those wet streets did last night. Now, ugh, I never know what to get them to light them up any more. But Raevyn, heh, all she'll need is the Christmas tree to leave her awe-stricken. I'm excited :)

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