Thursday, August 14, 2008

Great news! A book in the works!

OK, if you've been reading at all lately, first, I owe you an apology, because I haven't been saying much. Second, you'll know that I've become very involved in the 29 Day Giving Challenge. Cami, the founder of sent a note today... There's a book in the works! Now I know a lot of my readers are writers, and you know how the publishing business works - you write, you bug 10 million publishers, and hope beyond hope someone listens... In this case, the publisher (a major (as yet unnamed) publisher) approached her!

Hi there 29-Day Giving Challenge fans
Today at 4:37pm
I'm so excited. Yesterday I had a great conversation with a major publisher in NYC who is interested in the 29Gifts book series that I'm currently writing a proposal for. She contacted me because she read about the Challenge in a blog.

If you have a blog and are willing to write about the Challenge, we really appreciate it. Bloggers have been our #1 source of growth so far. If you write about us, make sure you link to the main site.

We just added a great list of favorite stories on the community page. Check it out at:

If there's a story you'd like to see on the list, email the link to


P.S. If you haven't "officially" joined the challenge by signing up on the site at please do. We really want to reach our goal of 2,000 givers by 9/29/08 but the only way we have out "counting" people is to have you signed up.

I'm so psyched for her! The challenge is such a meaningful and PURE movement, and Cami is so inspirational, I'm just giddy for her!


  1. That's just great.

    Really cool. I fact.

    I love ya, you crazy southern girl.

  2. IN fact...yeah, you know.

    "know a person's flaws and know the person"

    I heard that somewhere, can't remenber where.