Monday, March 26, 2007

life changes

We found out last weekish that Tommy is the father of the baby that was put up for adoption. Had I blogged about that? I don't remember. Anyway, we get pictures and notes now. He's beautiful. Tommy is taking the whole thing much better than I am.

He is taking it so well that he moved out tonight. That's right, my first chick has flown the coup. We piled his worldly belongings into the truck and moved him to an apartment with some friends this evening. My god the filth a teenage boy leaves behind!

But his room is (for now) a toy/game/play room... it echoes. Strange.

I'm happy for him, almost 18, finding himself, getting his independence, starting his life as an adult... I'm not as heart broken as I thought I'd be. I will say that the timing is kind of shitty, you know, from a completely selfish standpoint. Of course, I kept that thought to myself, wished him well... and agreed to buy his groceries for the next week.

So much for independence and self reliand\ce huh? LOL.

And so it starts. Empty nest syndrome. Just 4 more kids and 14 years to go.


  1. Four more kids and six years here :-)

    There's such a bittersweet tone here, Erin. It seems you're keeping some things to yourself, too, at least for now. I'd just like to wish you & Tommy, the little grandson, the entire clan, good luck & happy times ahead.

  2. Oh Erin. :(


    Please start blogging more. :( I miss you.

  3. It happens sooner than you think. (The empty nest.) Then sometimes they come back and bring more stuff. Like wives and children, and computers and TV's and guitars and cribs, etc etc. Right now all but one of mine have gone. He left once, and has been back now for several years. No wife, etc., just him....

    I truly hope things keep going well...or at least, better than expected. Do you feel like a grandma? You don't look like one!

  4. Anonymous4:59 PM

    Dearest Erin,
    It's christine- from AC and Versifier. i know that it has been too long since we last communicated, but i wanted to contact you and let you know that i've thought about you and missed you.

    ~christine Hughes

  5. *sigh* I know where you're coming gone, another on the way out. That'll leave two more, but only four more years for me. Ugh...I feel so...strangely independant.

    I know, I'm weird. Just know that I'm thinking of you. Oh...the winds of change.

  6. You're one incredible mom.